• The World's Leading China CDN

  • Coverage and Capacity

    28,000+ servers deployed across 118 cities around the world

  • China Internet Expertise

    17+ years of experience as the first CDN established in China

  • Partnerships built on trust

    Serving Fortune 500s and 30,000+ enterprises across the globe

  • Unparalleled Service

    Personalized, customer-centric approach from start to finish

Optimize the delivery of your content into China.

China is an enticing market, but comes with unique digital challenges. As the only Global CDN nationally licensed to deliver in China, only ChinaCache can guarantee 100% in-country delivery, availability and low latency from all corners of China.

The ChinaCache platform carries

  • 10.8 billion
    webpage displays
    per day
  • 180 million
    music file transmissions
    per day
  • 1.15 billion
    video and multi-media file
    transmissions daily
  • 3.42 billion
    e-commerce transactions
    per day
  • 1.07 billion
    mobile and Internet end
    users every day

Trusted by the best

Built for China

Size and Speed
Size and Speed

The largest and fastest China content delivery network in the world.

Global and Local
Global and Local

Global service reach with unrivaled local support in China and abroad.

China Expertise
China Expertise

17+ years of experience and privileged relationships.

Service Oriented
Service Oriented

The only CDN with 24/7 bilingual support working on personalized solutions.

Exclusively Licensed
 Exclusively Licensed

The only global CDN nationally licensed to provide service in China.