Reading List: Battle of the Blocks, Cyborg Days, and Cellphones Galore

Posted by Olivia Zhang on 06 May 2016

Each Friday, the ChinaCache blog will bring to you a selection of tech news links that we think may be of interest to you.


Do you love your browser's ad blocker? It may become increasingly difficult in the future for your ad blockers to work. Counter measures to such blockers are growing stronger. BlockIQ recently launched BlockBypass, which can detect users of the popular plugin Adblock and take several measures to render the block ineffective. It's a battle of the blocks!

Cyborg days are nigh upon us. A team at Future Interfaces Group recently developed a ring and watch band that, when worn with your smart watch, can turn the skin on your forearm into an extension of the touchscreen. This new technology greatly expands the functions of products like the Apple Watch. 

If you were ever afraid to use your cellphone because of health reasons, well, worry no more. A recently study showed that prolonged cellphone usage is not linked to brain cancer.  This study utilized 29 years of data collected in Australia and found no causation. 

This has been your weekly Reading List with ChinaCache. Tune in next Friday for more!