Reading List: Korean Iron Man, Data Breaches, and Apple Dives Into Didi

Posted by Olivia Zhang on 13 May 2016

Each Friday, the ChinaCache blog will bring to you a selection of tech news links that we think may be of interest to you.


Korean auto maker Hyundai recently released photos of their newest robotic exoskeleton. The suit is designed to amplify human physical abilities such as mobility and strength. We wouldn't suggest wearing this suit into battle with Iron Man or War Machine, but it is certainly a start. 

Doxxing has reached new heights. On Thursday, a Twitter account released the personal data of figures such as Alibaba's Jack Ma and Wanda's Jianlin Wang. Unplug your computers and erase your search history because apparently no one is safe anymore.

In a surprisng turn of events, Apple recently announced a $1B investment into Didi Chuxing. Didi is the Chinese equivalent of Uber and has considerable hold on the domestic market. Perhaps Apple is hoping to smooth its recently rocky path in China

This has been your weekly Reading List with ChinaCache. Tune in next Friday for more!