Reading List: Line Friends, Smart Refrigerators, and Uber China

Posted by Olivia Zhang on 03 June 2016

Each Friday, the ChinaCache blog will bring to you a selection of tech news links that we think may be of interest to you.


Line is finally looking at an IPO. The Korean messaging app, famous for its sticker characters called Line Friends, is planning to make offerings this summer on both the New York and Tokyo exchanges. Here's to hoping for more Line Friends collaborations in the future. 

Your phone may be smart, but is your refridgerator? Samsung recently the Family Hub Refridgerator, a $6000 piece of kitchen appliance that boasts features like a 21.5-inch touch screen on the door and internal cameras. 

Uber claps back this week against Didi Chuxing's $1B capital injection from Apple. The transportation app aims to become the #1 taxi app in China within a year. As to how Uber hopes to accomplish this feat, we shall all wait and see. 

This has been your reading list of the week. Tune in next week for more!