Reading List: Space in Your Face, the Future of VR, and Don't Snapchat and Drive

Posted by Olivia Zhang on 29 April 2016

Each Friday, the ChinaCache blog will bring to you a selection of tech news links that we think may be of interest to you.


SPACE, the final frontier... now in 3D! Soon, you may be able to experience the wonders of SPACE through your very own VR headset. SpaceVR is planning to make this a reality by 2017. The ultimate goal for the company is to deliver an uninterrupted live stream of SPACE to earthlings, though right now they are still in their planning stages. How much would you pay to have SPACE in your FACE? 

Speaking of VR: space in yor face may be cool, but how will you afford it? The answer? Tim Bajarin opined in Tme Magazine that to see the future of VR, look no further than the China. Currently, top-of-the-line VR headsets range from $500 to $900. Bajarin predicts that China will be developing effective and low-cost models of VR headsets in the next ten years. China: making cool things cheaper since the 80s (which is when Deng Xiaoping opened up markets to foreign development, duh).

Here's another reason not to use Snapchat ever: you might get sued (and if you already don't use it because it is apparently undecipherable to anyone over the age of 17, then worry not because you're not alone). A teenager in Georgia is currently being sued for speeding and crashing into an Uber driver while under the influence of Snapchat. While driving, she took a photo with the speed filter, which showed her traveling at 107mph. Snapchat is also named as a defendant. Oooooh snap!

This has been your weekly Reading List with ChinaCache. Tune in next Friday for more!