China Internet Expert
Through our distinctive 3-tier Internet ecosystem, ChinaCache provides content delivery services, Internet data center management, Internet Exchange solutions and cloud hosting services.
With 20 years of experience, we bring our clients industry best practices and optimal routing to navigate the complex Internet landscape in China.
China's Premier
Content Delivery Network
China's Premier
Content Delivery Network

ChinaCache Cloud Storage

ChinaCache Cloud Storage is designed to be integrated with ChinaCache’s CDN network seamlessly and can be conveniently utilized as a content origin in Mainland China. Compatible with Amazon S3 Simple Storage Service, ChinaCache Cloud Storage offers high performance, high reliability, and high availability.

ChinaCache Cloud Storage designed to be integrated with ChinaCache’s CDN network and can be conveniently utilized as a content origin in Mainland China.

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Most websites fail to load in under 5s in China


Does yours?

Unlock your company's potential in China

Don't let a lack of China expertise bottleneck your business potential. Founded in 1998, ChinaCache is the first and largest CDN in China and most trusted by the Chinese government.

We are defining the next generation of China's Internet

China's internet is constantly evolving. By constructing the largest carrier-neutral Data Center in Beijing and creating the first Internet Exchange in China, we are improving the internet experience for hundreds of millions of people.

China's Network Solution Expert for AWS






Web Acceleration

Webpages with static 

or dynamic content

Software updates or file downloads





Application Acceleration

Web Applications

ERP/CRM/Other Office Applications





Media Acceleration

Video on Demand

Live Streaming

Data Center

Largest carrier neutral data center in Beijing, located in the Tianzhu Free-Trade Zone

CHN-IX Internet Exchange

The very first Internet Exchange in China, helping ISPs and ICPs share traffic and reduce costs.

Industries We Serve

Software Delivery

Enhance your software's delivery by utilizing ChinaCache's content delivery services.

ChinaCache provides China-specific solutions designed to ensure software and technology services are securely and reliably accelerated into China.

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Checkout how ChinaCache helps your customers checkout.

Faster load speeds and smooth delivery of both your static and dynamic content ensure optimal consumer experience.

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Travel & Tourism

Faster booking with ChinaCache's dynamic content acceleration.

As travelers relentlessly hunt for the best deals on flights, hotels, and other travel necessities, nothing is worse than a slow-loading website or crashing checkout portal. 

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Share knowledge and research around the world via ChinaCache's robust network.

The internet has been revolutionary in allowing people from across the world to share insight and research with one another like never before.

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Eliminate lag with ChinaCache's robust, unparalleled in-country network.

The amazing growth of this $100B+ industry includes the world's largest gaming population residing in China. ChinaCache's fully customizable hosting solutions allow developers to swiftly deploy on global data servers. 

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Media& Entertainment

ChinaCache's dedicated lines minimize buffering.


With companies like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, digital media on the webosphere continues to dominate the future. High-quality online video is no longer a premium, but rather the standard as buffering and pixelation are surefire ways to turn off consumers. 

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