731 Million

As of the start of 2017, 731 million internet users originate from China, a figure that is more than twice that of America’s entire population, let alone internet users.

A figure even more daunting than the sheer number of total users?

53.2% penetration.

America boasts 277 million internet users out of a population of 316 million, a proportion good enough for 87% penetration. In other words, the market of “new users” is effectively saturated and not prone to explosive growth in the near future. China, despite its current standing as the world’s leader in internet users, is just at the start of its digital growth. For reference, America’s internet penetration last stood below 50% all the way back in 2000. Despite China’s long-standing reputation as an emerging market and recent growth in the last decade, these numbers demonstrate that there is still ample room for development and an unsaturated market still ripe with digital opportunities for investors, corporations, entrepreneurs, etc.

Reuters/Edgar Su

With China recently overtaking the United States in being the world’s largest economy, years of hearing about “China is the future” is starting to become the present. The biggest mistake companies can make is to assume digital growth in the world has slowed simply because America’s market is approaching full saturation. This misguided view sets the stage for missed opportunities.

Even for those companies that understand the value in expansion into China, the understanding of the Chinese environment leaves many wondering when and how they can capitalize. Herein lies the value that ChinaCache is able to provide. By ensuring content is delivered smoothly and completely into China, ChinaCache helps companies develop a consumer base in China with positive digital experiences. ChinaCache’s expertise in maneuvering through the Chinese setting is also invaluable to those who want to establish an effective foothold in China. By utilizing the extensive knowledge of ChinaCache, companies can catch the oncoming wave of Chinese consumers, a wave that shows exponential growth and an increasing willingness to spend.

As the eruption of China’s digital economy continues to exponentially grow, companies must recognize the molten stage of the current environment. Growth will continue for the foreseeable future, but now is when consumer habits are being formed. Now is the time to dive in and capitalize on new users just starting to connect online. The path to China is a story of caution littered with failed precedents, but that does not need to be the case for those who do due diligence. In the face of the regulatory, cultural, competitive, and technical challenges that China presents, ChinaCache is a key to seizing the now or never opportunity. “China is the future” is rapidly approaching, and ChinaCache wants to help you be there for it.

Key Facts and Figures:

95.1% – Nearly all of China’s internet users are actively online via their mobile device as well. China’s mobile market is already the first of its kind in how integrated it is with society, and it will only continue to grow. WeChat, Didi Chuxing,, and other mobile services demonstrate the power of capitalizing on China’s mobile audience.

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4.8 s – Despite Chinese users understanding the unique regulations and restrictions of the internet in China, the average Chinese consumer still expects websites to load in under 5 seconds. Average load times of European websites:

UK – 32.12s

Italy – 34.32s

France – 34.30s

Overall, 85% of all European websites fail to reach this benchmark. Working with a Chinese CDN partner is the key to ensuring your site loads properly in China.

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