A 4 Dimensional Solution to Website Performance

According to The National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team/Coordination Center of China, 8,213 websites was maliciously modified and 10,010 websites were implanted with backdoors by hackers in China in the first 4 months of 2019, a 48.8% and 22.5% increase, respectively, comparing to the same period last year. To combat the growing number of attacks, ChinaCache provides a four-dimensional solution to ensure website performance and security.

Part 1 – Full Website Acceleration

  • Abundant resources: With high-performance nodes in 116 cities around the world and 10 Tbps bandwidth reserve, we can calmly respond to traffic surge;
  • Optimization: We provide TCP link and real-time routing optimization, as well as intelligent origin quality monitoring to ensure an excellent end-user experience;
  • Content refresh and monitoring: The platform supports content refresh (automatic and manual) and preload to guarantee the content is always up-to-date. Bandwidth alert can be set up to monitor websites’ bandwidth usage;
  • IPv6 support: We provide full support of IPv6 and help companies seamlessly migrate to IPv6 from IPv4 without impacting website performance.

Part 2 – Security

  • Widely distributed CDN nodes: The widely distributed CDN nodes decentralize attack intensity, and as soon as a malicious IP is found, it will be banned on the entire network
  • Protection against DDoS and CC attacks: Real-time big data analysis is adopted which identifies suspicious activities based on request behaviors. Along with access control at both the edge and the origin, malicious traffic can be effectively blocked.
  • Intelligent WAF: ChinaCache WAF adopts a three-dimensional security mechanism of rule targeting, baseline model and custom rules to effectively block OWSAP Top10 and zero-day vulnerabilities;
  • HTTPS anti-hijacking and anti-tampering: SSL certificates are deployed with one click within seconds to prevent hijacking and tampering during the deployment process;
  • Origin backup: Backup copies of customer origins, which are updated in real-time, are stored on separate servers in different physical locations. In addition, 1Tbps bandwidth reserve and traffic scrubbing at the edge servers make sure DDoS attacks on the network and application layers will not affect customer origins.

Part 3 – Monitoring

  • CDN Monitoring: ChinaCache monitors equipment availability, nodes and routing performance, user access and bandwidth usage to guarantee user access availability and speed;
  • Security Monitoring: ChinaCache provides DDoS and CC attack log monitoring, attack event monitoring, attack frequency monitoring and real-time alert of attacks. The defense rules are adjusted in real-time based on attack behaviors, increasing the effectiveness in blocking attacks.

Part 4 – Service

  • Easy configuration: Simply change the CNAME of your website and receive CDN acceleration, security, HTTPS and IPv6 migration services without making any changes at the origin;
  • Support and reporting: A primary solution engineer, a backup solution engineer and an operation engineer will be assigned to each customer to help with configuration and troubleshooting. CDN performance and security reports are available upon requests;
  • Disaster Emergency Plan: Disaster emergency plans can be created by simulating extreme situations to ensure when it does happen, we are prepared for it.

To learn more about our security solution, please contact us.