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Edge Data Centers in the 5G Era

Oct 7, 2019

In the 5G network environment, whether traditional data centers need to update their structure depending on the development needs of 5G network construction and application. Three 5G Use Cases The International Telecommunications Union listed eMMB, uRLLC and mMTC as the three major use cases for the 5G technology. eMMB, short for Enhanced Mobile Broadband, emphasizes…

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Delivering Internet Content to Mainland China without ICP License

Sep 27, 2019

When you are considering hosting your website in Mainland China, whether it is self-hosted or through a third-party provider, the first thing to consider is the Internet Content Provider (ICP) license. Issued and governed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), the license is a company’s entry permit to the Internet world in…

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Weekly News Roundup: Week of 9/16

Sep 20, 2019

World Computer Congress Highlights AI and 5G Technologies The 2019 World Computer Congress was held from September 10-11 in Changsha, the capital city of central China’s Hunan Province, highlighting artificial intelligence (AI) and other latest technologies. Experts and company representatives worldwide gathered at the event to exchange views on the future trend of computer technologies…

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China Outbound Tourism Report

Sep 13, 2019

The tourism industry in China has been in unprecedented development thanks to stable economic growth. In 2018, 5.54 billion tourists traveled across China, a 10.8% increase from the previous year, according to Travel Weekly China. International travel has also recorded a double-digit growth with nearly 150 million outbound trips. Last month, China Tourism Academy published…

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Get Ready for a China CDN

Sep 5, 2019

Using a CDN to deliver content to worldwide users has become a standard practice for companies with global reach. many of the global CDN providers have impeccable performance delivering customer’s content in most part of the world, but when it comes to China, even the most experienced global providers would be scratching their heads because…

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Weekly News Roundup: Week of 8/19

Aug 22, 2019

China top internet firms pump 45% more into R&D China’s top 100 Internet companies invested 45% more into R&D in 2018 comparing to in 2017, according to stats released by the Internet Society of China reported on ZDNet. Led by Alibaba, the top internet companies have increased investment mainly in cloud computing, big data and…

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China Internet Development Report

Aug 9, 2019

Last month, the Internet Society of China published its annual China Internet Development Report (“Report”). The Report covered industries including online video streaming, online gaming, mobile applications, online travel booking and more, and here are some key points from the Report. The Growing AI Market The AI industry in China has reached 33.9 Billion Chinese…

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4 Trends of the China Internet in 2019

Jul 23, 2019

Recently, South China Morning Post and Abacus News published the second annual internet report on China, the China Internet Report 2019. Following last year’s narrative, the report first provided an overview of the internet landscape with updates on the number of internet populations in China, comparing to in the United States. The total internet users…

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Cybersecurity Landscape in China

Jul 11, 2019

Internet security has been increasingly critical worldwide, and in China there is no exception. With a highly developed internet system where essentially everything can be done online, it is especially important for internet companies to protect their web applications from malicious attacks, which can hurt the companies’ brand images and revenue streams. DDoS attack is…

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