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Meanwhile in China: Weekly News Roundup [11/6-11/10]

Nov 10, 2017

Tencent is the latest tech company working on autonomous cars Tencent is pushing beyond its WeChat messaging app and gaming, moving into the autonomous driving space. The Chinese conglomerate will tap its artificial intelligence and mapping initiatives to compete against the likes of Baidu, according to Bloomberg‘s sources. Back in 2015, Tencent announced it’d partner with electronics maker Foxconn (responsible for…

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ChinaCache concludes the network security project for the 19th Communist Party of China National Congress

Nov 6, 2017

As the 19th Communist Party of China National Congress (“National Congress”) has concluded, ChinaCache also wrapped up its assignment of monitoring network security and providing CDN services for the National Congress. To ensure the National Congress goes smoothly, ChinaCache assembled a special unit in late August to deploy online security measures, including fixing existing issues, examining…

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Meanwhile in China: Weekly News Roundup [10/30-11/3]

Nov 3, 2017

Apple Roars Back to Growth in China Apple reported quarterly earnings on Thursday. The company said revenue in China was $9.8 billion during the fourth fiscal quarter, up 12 percent year over year and up 22 percent sequentially. The market share for  iPhone, Mac and iPad had all increased in the last quarter, said CEO Tim Cook. Earlier this year,…

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Meanwhile in China: Weekly News Roundup [10/23-10/27]

Oct 27, 2017

Alibaba Establishes Global Research Academy Alibaba’s chief technology officer announced during Alibaba’s Cloud Habitat Conference that the group has established a global research academy named Alibaba DAMO Academy and the group will invest CNY100 billion in this academy over the next three years. Alibaba DAMO Academy includes a global laboratory, a university joint research institute, and…

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Cloud computing enters “Golden Time” in China

Oct 24, 2017

With artificial intelligence (AI) booming across the world, cloud computing as its supportive infrastructure enters the “golden time” for development. The wide use of AI cannot happen without cloud computing, which helps improve hardware usage efficiency, avoid idleness and waste of resources. In July, the China’s State Council, the country’s equivalent of a cabinet, issued guidelines…

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Meanwhile in China: Weekly News Roundup [10/16-10/20]

Oct 20, 2017

China food delivery start-up reaches $30 billion valuation Based in Beijing, Meituan is one of the top two food delivery companies. Since its merger with Dianping, the Chinese version of Yelp, two years ago, the new company China Internet Plus’s valuation has been growing steadily. After its most recent round of funding, the company is now…

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Translated Article of the Week: New Retail Model and Artificial Intelligence Are the Next Big Things in China

Oct 16, 2017

The madness for the sharing economy has cooled down in China, as represented by the bankruptcy of a few second- and third-tier biking-sharing companies. Power bank sharing companies that received jaw-dropping funding in early 2017 are not only dealing with their own legal and financial problems but also threat from mobile phone companies as wireless…

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Meanwhile in China: Weekly News Roundup [10/9-10/13]

Oct 13, 2017

Chinese startup’s ‘8K’ VR headset is surprisingly advanced A Chinese startup by the name of Pimax simply went ahead at CEATEC. The Pimax 8K headset which not only features an incredible 7,680 x 2,160 resolution (more on that later), but also laser tracking that works with HTC Vive’s base stations, plus an impressive 200-degree FOV which is…

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Translated Article of the Week: The ‘New Four Great Inventions’ of China

Oct 10, 2017

Chinese original innovation is changing the world. China is the new force in the Internet world. Half of the world’s top 10 Internet companies are from China. They are Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Jingdong and NetEase. Those five giants are all from the PC era, but the real Chinese Internet innovation is starting from the mobile era.…

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