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Meanwhile in China: Weekly News Roundup [9/11-9/15]

Sep 15, 2017

Weibo users are given one-week warning to provide real names The 340 million users of Sina Weibo, China’s popular microblogging service, have been given one week to link their accounts to a real name. The crackdown is being conducted in order to comply with new government rules restricting anonymous online conversation. Read More>> Source: TechCrunch     China…

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Translated Article of the Week: Google Builds Artificial Intelligence Team in China

Sep 11, 2017

Last week, Google published job postings on its website looking to assemble an Artificial Intelligence (AI) team in Beijing, China. Although Google’s search engine business withdrew from the China market in 2010, it kept a research and development team as well as an ad sales team. Among all the overseas Internet companies that have opened…

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Meanwhile in China: Weekly News Roundup [9/4-9/8]

Sep 8, 2017

83% Chinese aware of mobile wallets compared with 57% in Asia China has the highest awareness of e-wallet in Asia, which is being driven by the ubiquity of homegrown Internet giants, as many of them have started to incorporate digital payment features as part of their offering to consumers. While only 25% of respondents from…

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Translated Article of the Week: Apple Looks to Turn Around Sales Decline in China

Sep 5, 2017

On August 29, 2017, Tencent confirmed that WeChat Pay is officially integrated into App Store on all iOS devices. Users logged into the Chinese App Store can purchase apps or subscribe to Apple Music with WeChat Pay. Other than using bank cards connected with WeChat Pay to make purchases, customers can also use Hua Bei,…

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Translated Article of the Week: Sought-after users, Power bank service-sharing started “Cash-Burning War”

Aug 28, 2017

The wildly popular bike-sharing service trending across China in recent years has sparked a new wave of service-sharing economics. From bikes, umbrellas, to power banks and even mini gyms, anything that you can think of might be the next service-sharing product. The most established products in the service-sharing industry are bikes, cars, and power banks,…

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Meanwhile in China: Weekly News Roundup [8/21-8/25]

Aug 25, 2017

In China, you can rent umbrellas, basketballs, and even washers Following the wave of bike-sharing, the sharing economy has become Chinese entrepreneurs’ go-to model for starting new businesses. Now there are companies that let customers rent and share things beyond thought: umbrellas, power banks, and even gym equipment. Read More>> Source: The Washington Post  …

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Translated Article of the Week: China Has Become the Biggest Market for Robotics Industry

Aug 21, 2017

International Federation of Robotics (IFR) reported that China sold the most industrial robots last year, making it the top market in the industry. In the World Robotics Report 2017, IFR points out that China is becoming the leader in the robotics industry with an exponential growth. Joe Gemma, President of the IFR, said that China…

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Meanwhile in China: Weekly News Roundup

Aug 18, 2017

August 14th-18th  Facebook tests water with a stealth app in China Facebook released a photo-sharing app in China; Colorful Balloons that behaves almost exactly like their own Moments without any of the official branding that would lead to a guaranteed rejection. Read More>> Source: Engadget     Rapid Growth of Online Retail Market in Beijing…

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731 Million

Aug 17, 2017

As of the start of 2017, 731 million internet users originate from China, a figure that is more than twice that of America’s entire population, let alone internet users. A figure even more daunting than the sheer number of total users? 53.2% penetration. America boasts 277 million internet users out of a population of 316…

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