Boosting Global Retailers’ Success in China

The growth of e-commerce in China has impressed everyone. The country, with more than 800 million internet users, takes the lead in the worldwide e-commerce industry, and more than 40% of total global transactions take place there, according to a report by McKinsey. Moreover, an increasing number of customers are shopping directly from retailers to ensure the authenticity of the products. That creates challenges to many foreign retailers whose websites are hosted outside of Mainland China.

As you may already know, China’s Great Fire Wall slows down internet traffic coming in and out of Mainland China. As a result, end-users visiting a website hosted outside of Mainland China will experience a long latency. On top of the complicated network environment, being the world’s most populated nation and one of the largest countries by territorial area, China creates additional challenges for companies to reach the maximized number of consumers living across China.

To address the issues, many companies have chosen to partner with a China Content Delivery Network (CDN) provider. One of the major advantages of using an additional CDN provider that specializes in serving China, instead of using global CDN providers like Akamai, Limelight, or Verizon Digital Media Service, is that a China CDN provider would have more coverage. As the first CDN company and one of the largest providers in the country, ChinaCache’s service covers all 32 provinces in Mainland China. In addition to reducing latencies, ChinaCache CDN is also equipped with security features, such as Anti-DDoS and WAF, to protect the  e-commerce websites from malicious attacks.

E-commerce websites often consist of a mix of static content such as images and video files, as well as dynamic content such as shopping carts and account login portals. Both types of content are critical in facilitating sales: the quality of images and videos encourages online purchases, and shopping carts make transactions possible. When the two are equally important, using pure static or dynamic content acceleration technologies is not effective enough.

ChinaCache’s Enterprise Intelligent Page Acceleration solution adopts the world’s leading auto separation technology, fully isolating the static content and dynamic content on a website to ensure all content is accelerated properly. To learn more about our EIPA solution, click here to download the product sheet.