Building Green Data Centers for a Better Future

As Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Big Data, and Cloud Computing technologies are widely adopted across many industries, Internet Data Centers which provide support behind the curtains (at the back end) experienced exponential growth. With the latest regulations on the energy consumption of data centers, exploring ways to lower the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) ratio, a number used to evaluate how efficiently a data center uses energy.

On April 16, the 2019 China Enterprise Data Center Intelligent Operation Conference, co-hosted by the Security & Information magazine, China Big Data Enterprise Alliance, and IT 365 Master website, was held in Beijing. At the conference, ChinaCache’s Atecsys Data Center was recognized with the Green Data Center Excellence Award.

One of the major obstacles in operating data centers is to manage energy consumption. With a large amount of computing equipment, adopting new technologies and processes to reduce the energy used to cool down server rooms has been an increasingly discussed topic in the industry.

PUE ratio represents the ratio of the power available to a data center vs. the power consumed by computing equipment. The average PUE for data centers is 1.8, but ChinaCache Atecsys is able to keep the number below 1.35.  

When designing the power system of the Atecsys data center, ChinaCache adopted a power supply model consisting the combination of alternating current and high voltage direct current, with an Uninterruptible Power Source (UPS) as a backup. Comparing to traditional data centers that use dual-line UPS only, Atecsys data center would have less power loss during the power transmission process, increasing the overall power efficiency of the data center and reducing the energy usage. When the power supply is sufficient, the power supply models will go into sleep states in turn to save energy consumption.

Power generators at Atecsys Data Center

In addition to the power system, having an efficient Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is another essential part of sustaining a green data center. Through a series of experiments, ChinaCache decided to build a cooling system consisting of chilled water, cooling tower, and air conditioners. Depending on the server room heat level, each cooling model is adjusted to achieve optimal energy efficiency.

Water cooling system at Atecsys Data Center

ChinaCache Atecsys plans to adopt more energy-saving technologies in building additional server buildings, such as hot aisle containment, indirect evaporative cooling technology, and liquid cooling system. For more information about ChinaCache’s data center offerings, please click here or contact us.