CEO Statement

Hear from ChinaCache's founder Mr. Song Wang

From Mr. Wang Song, CEO and founder

Over the past 20 years of tireless effort and development, ChinaCache has cultivated a culture of "Innovation, Persistence, Integrity, and Dreams." ChinaCache is an energetic team that has worked to build the largest Internet Content Delivery service platform in mainland China. Starting from scratch, ChinaCache has become the most professional service provider of Internet Content Delivery in China, establishing industry standards and achieving a leading position in China.

Throughout our 20 year history,  ChinaCache has adhered to the philosophy that the Internet changes life and we change the Internet. By spreading ChinaCache's network service nodes in cities of different levels all over China, we have expanded coverage into all major carriers such as China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Education and Research Network. In 2011, ChinaCache set up its R&D center in Silicon Valley in North America, focusing on strategic products and core solutions oriented to global markets. ChinaCache North America was established in 2007, and branch companies in Hong Kong and Taiwan emerged in 2012.

ChinaCache's development is continuously aiming at new targets. With professionalism, dedication, and passion, ChinaCache will continue to focus on strengthening technical innovation. With the dream of beliefs in the future and creating the future, we will continue to climb to the top with devotion to developing global Internet Chinese content and application platform, to build ChinaCache as a world class enterprise, advancing firmly towards our goals - to create optimum network service for customers, to bring optimum Internet experience to everyone, and to ensure greatest value for staff, shareholders, and society.

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