ChinaCache Attended the 2018 Global Internet of Things Congress

From November 19 to 21, the Global Internet of Things Congress was held in Beijing. An annual international summit with this year’s theme as “Identifying Future IoT Innovators,” the event brought together attendees from more than a dozen countries to discuss new technology development, ideas and trends in the IoT industry. The Global IoT Congress was divided into six forums: 5G, the blockchain, Internet of Elevators, Internet of Vehicles, healthcare, and smart community. Yali Z. Liu, Vice President at ChinaCache, was invited to host the panel discussion “Global IoT Development: Path and Demand” exchanging thoughts with IoT experts from Japan, Finland, United Kingdom and Peru.


As IoT becomes an inevitable trend, ChinaCache is actively exploring ways to support IoT applications with its CDN network that manages billions of connected devices while achieving millisecond response time at a lower cost. ChinaCache will upgrade its CDN edge nodes to handle IoT application traffic. By exchanging traffic with other ISPs and ICPs through Internet Exchange center, ChinaCache will be able to provide a better user experience in the IoT scenarios.

ChinaCache has built Internet Exchange centers in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou to provide peering and interconnection services. In addition, ChinaCache has 30,000 servers in 120 cities around the world. Through the transformation of edge nodes, the network will be able to carry and distribute traffic from IoT services. ChinaCache hopes to integrate the strengths of upstream and downstream partners throughout the industry chain to provide better solutions for manufacturers and operators of IoT applications and to assure user experience in the IoT scenarios.