ChinaCache Now Offers HTTP/2

Chinacache is proud to announce that we now offer HTTP/2 from our edge servers to the client. The enabling of this feature means client content can be delivered utilizing the key features of HTTP/2 specification.

As an upgrade from the previous HTTP/1.1, the newer HTTP/2 offers increased web performance.

Some key features include:

  • Multiplexing: A single TCP connection can be used to send multiple requests and responses at the same time.
  • Header Compression: Reducing the size of HTTP headers, requiring less bytes to transfer.

 As websites and web applications continue to rapidly increase in complexity, the evolution of HTTP protocols is one key way to maintain a fast client web experience. Coupled with choosing a CDN, adopting a platform with HTTP/2 capability will drastically speed up the delivery of content, regardless of its dynamic or static nature.

For more detailed information on HTTP/2, please visit the documentation below:

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