ChinaCache Partners with F5 Networks to Provide a Safer Network Environment

Wei Zhang, Vice President at ChinaCache, spoke at F5 Networks Partner Conference.

“CDN is a critical link between companies’ origin servers and their end users. In the early days, network security would be addressed at the origins. Companies might purchase equipment and software to build their own security systems. However, in recent years, as CDN gets more integrated into our clients’ services, we as CDN providers need to think about how to protect clients’ origin data while ensuring high availability of their resources,” said Wei Zhang, Vice President at ChinaCache, during the F5 Networks Partner Conference held in Chengdu, China from April 11-12, 2019.

The fundamental idea of ​​CDN is to avoid bottlenecks and links on the Internet that may affect the speed and stability of data transmission. The solution to store the Internet content in “warehouses” (CDN edge servers) close to the end users, shortening the transmission path to improve the transmission efficiency.

With 20 years of experience, ChinaCache has expanded its CDN service to create a holistic, integrated ecosystem that is capable of distributing content, storing data, and providing interconnection and traffic exchange services.

Although the Internet Exchange center provides traffic scrubbing to achieve maximum network security, to avoid security risks at origins and ensure the security of data transmission, ChinaCache teamed up with F5 Networks to provide a comprehensive and reliable security solution.

Established in 1996, F5 Networks is a leading global provider of Application Delivery Network (ADN), delivering fast, secure and intelligent enterprise-class application services and security solutions to large enterprises, Internet Service Providers, government agencies and consumer brands around the world. Equipped with strong network security protection capabilities, F5 Networks provides load balancing, secure DNS services, Web Application Firewall (WAF), identity authentication, access management, and anti-DDoS services.

“Guaranteeing network performance is ChinaCache’s expertise, and F5 Networks’ security solution is a great complement in terms of the scope of services. Our jointly built security service platform is armed with solid technical capabilities and will provide broader services,” shared Wei Zhang.

ChinaCache & F5 Networks Security Platform

ChinaCache & F5 Networks Security Platform is an attack prevention platform on the application layer deployed close to clients’ origins. It is an online platform that supports usage on-the-go with flexible expansion, which effectively filters and shields application-layer attacks and malicious traffic, keeping security threats away from clients’ core data as much as possible.

The platform has the following features:

  1. Accurate malicious activity detection based on behavior patterns: with AI learning, the platform is able to form traffic baselines, identify malicious behaviors, detect abnormal application pressure, and actively avoid malicious traffic
  2. Bot recognition technology: create client fingerprint and detect Bots as well as other malicious tools through dynamic code injection and SDK.
  3. Flexible storage expansion: the platform is built in ChinaCache’s own data center and supports flexible storage expansion, BDP+CDN nodes bandwidth reuse, off-site backup, and on-demand real-time node switching.
  4. Advanced access control: the platform is integrated with F5 Networks’ WAF, which includes features such as data processing, IP block, and multiple authentication mechanisms.
  5. Security operation center: remote support is available 7/24/365. Support team tests and updates new security rules in a timely manner to deploy and optimize the platform.

For more information regarding ChinaCache’s security offerings, please contact us.