ChinaCache Shares Edge Service Opportunities at the Edge Global Congress 2019

On November 6, ChinaCache attended the Edge Global Congress 2019, hosted by BroadGroup in Austin Texas. More than 200 technical experts, edge computing power users, software developers, analysts and investors from around the world attended the event, discussing the state of the industry, connectivity challenges, IoT case analysis, and the infrastructure as well as network requirements for the edge services in the future.

Yali Z. Liu Vice President of ChinaCache was a speaker on the “Connectivity for Edge” panel, together with Ernest Sampera, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer of vXchange, and Alon Gavrielov, Director of Infrastructure from Cloudflare.

“ With new technologies and development such as IoT, 5G, AI, autonomous cars and smart cities, there are tremendous amounts of endpoints/data and it demands a more distributed architecture and edge computing. There is a need for balance between scalability and availability – it would make sense to centralize computing where you can and distribute those must be distributed. In a distributed environment, all those ends points need to be managed, and decisions need to be made on which networks/endpoints should be federated,” said Ms. Liu.

Ms. Liu also shared the opportunity that ChinaCache sees for edge computing leveraging existing CDN infrastructure:

  1. Add edge functions (for example, adding GPU at the CDN PoP);
  2. CDN database (supporting the edge functions) ; and
  3. Containers: KaaS (Kubernets as a Service)

The panel discussed practical ways for Connectivity to Edge, including the critical needs of leveraging local internet exchanges. Ms. Liu shared the current state in China in terms of network connectivity, internet exchange development, and the great opportunities for the tower companies to develop Edge Services.