Cloud Database MySQL

ChinaCache Cloud database MySQL is a high-availability, high-performance database service based on mature cloud computing technology. It is compatible with MySQL 5.1, MySQL 5.5, MySQL 5.6, Percona 5.1, Percona 5.5 and Percona 5.6 protocols, and can provide a full set of solutions including disaster recovery, backup, data rollback, monitoring and database audit.

Core Features and Services

Primary and secondary backup physical servers are separated with an isolation guarantee mechanism. When there is a single server failure, the connection will be automatically switched to a backup server within seconds to ensure service continuity. 

Support scheduled automatic data backup and manual backup at any time.

Support live database migration, direct editing access authorization and real-time system monitoring.

A monitoring system is embedded in the management console to keep customers updated on real-time database status, set up monitoring strategy and text message alert.

Solution Advantages

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High Availability Architecture

The cloud database adopts active active hot standby to resolve the cloud database unavailability caused by server down or hardware malfunction. The stable and reliable performance of the cloud database far exceeds the industry average.


Flexible Expansion

Database resources can be expanded flexibly based on business needs to meet the requirements of database performance and storage in different business stages.

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Database Security and Reliability

ChinaCache cloud database provides the primary and secondary architectures to ensure data redundancy, uses manual and automatic backup strategies and data rollback function to guarantee data security.


Lower Costs

Resources can be purchased on demand without high-cost equipment commitment, reducing initial investment and resource waste.