Cloud Server

ChinaCache Cloud Server offers high stability, high reliability with on-demand scalability. The cloud server enhances the business operation efficiency and is trusted by numerous large and medium-sized companies as well as high-growth Internet companies.

ChinaCache Cloud Server Features

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High Data Availability

Data on the cloud servers are protected by RAID. The bottom layer adopts distributed storage, in which multiple copies of data are stored on different physical machines. Online live migration ensures and guarantees data availability at 99.999999%. Snapshot backup is used to save data on the cloud servers and hard drives with copies stored separately. Users can create and manage backup flexibly and conveniently with options to roll back to any backup point.


Global Coverage

To meet global companies' needs, ChinaCache has deployed 12 cloud service nodes and more than 1,000 cloud distribution nodes across China, as well as 12 overseas cloud service nodes around the world. Global high-speed Internet private lines provide connectivity between different geographic locations and are not affected by public Internet Service Providers, creating stable data transmission between global branches of enterprises.


Network and Application Security

Complete network isolation between users to ensure data security. Provide a customized network firewall and establish security groups by issuing security policies to support multi-dimensional, comprehensive protection. Heavy traffic DDoS attacks will be identified and blocked while normal business traffic is allowed to be sent back to the servers.


 Easy Operation and Management

Settings and applications on a single cloud server can be easily mirrored to other servers, saving both time and labor cost. Users can manage and monitor the cloud servers through the cloud management platform or directly through API, making operation and management easier and more efficient.

Solution Advantages

The service uses China Unicom and China Telecom dual-line, multi-line BGP and cloud nodes with coverage around the world.

Quick deployment of one or more cloud servers in just seconds with options to purchase additional resources on demand.

High-performance CPU, Memory and strong IO performance can fully meet users' demands and requirements.

Horizontal and vertical scaling of cloud resources can be carried out at any time to reduce the waste of resources and save on cost.

High availability of data is ensured by distributed storage with multi-dimensional security protection. Data will be automatically migrated to functional servers when there is single server failure.

ChinaCache cloud servers provide a self-service platform that supports multiple APIs. There is a 7x24 technical team offering emergency support.