Cloud Database Redis

Cloud database Redis is a memory database service that is compatible with Redis protocol standards and able to provide data persistence. It is built on a high-reliability dual-server hot standby architecture and a cluster architecture that can be expanded seamlessly. which can be scaled up and down flexibly.

Core Features and Services

The single-node architecture is used in pure cache scenarios, supporting auto-scaling of single-node clusters, meeting high QPS scenarios, and achieving superior cost-efficiency.

Dual-server Hot Standby Architecture supports real-time data synchronization between Master nodes and Slave nodes. If there is a failure on the Master node, the system would automatically switch to the Slave nodes in seconds which will take over the service. The whole process is completed automatically at the back end without any effects on the service. The Master-Slave architecture can guarantee the high availability of the services.

Cluster architecture uses a distributed node design where each node has a master node and a slave node to ensure high availability of services. Supporting automatic disaster recovery switchover and fault migration, the clusters can adapt to different business needs with expandable database.

The database for most internet businesses performs more read operations than write operations. To meet the needs of more read/fewer write, ChinaCache Cloud database Redis can support up to 100,000 QPS writing command and up to 600,000 QPS reading command as well as addresses the hotspot key reading bottleneck.

Data is automatically backed-up every day with strong disaster recovery ability supporting one-click data recovery and minimizing business risks.

ChinaCache Virtual Private Cloud creates a private network environment that enables network isolation protection on the TCP layer. Real-time monitoring of DDoS attacks is provided, and customers can set up more than 1,000 IP whitelist configurations to control access.

Local, remote and cross-region disaster recovery are supported, which can effectively avoid the losses of data caused by disasters on the physical layer.


ChinaCache has performed kernel optimization on Redis source code which effectively prevents memory overflow and repairs security vulnerabilities.

Solution Advantages


Stable Architecture

ChinaCache cloud database Redis adopts the highly reliable dual-server hot standby architecture based on distributed system and SSD high-performance storage, which guarantees data persistence and backup reliability. 

management 2

Intelligent Operation and Management

With a fully visualized management portal, full coverage link monitoring and warning mechanism, and automatic database version update feature, database management is simplified.


Flexible Expansion

The database offers flexible expansion options to enhance performance including storage capacity, network throughput and connection number.