Load Balancing

ChinaCache Load Balancing is a traffic distribution control service that distributes traffic to multiple cloud servers in the back end. It extends the external service capabilities of the application system through traffic distribution and improves applications' availability and utilization of resources through failover.

Core Features and Services

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Protocol Support

Provide Layer 4 (TCP and UDP) and Layer 7 (HTTP and HTTPS) load balancing services.


Bandwidth Control

Support the allocation of peak bandwidth for each service based on historical data.


Scheduling Algorithms

Support three types of scheduling algorithms, including polling, weighted round robin (WRR) and weighted least connections (WLC).


Sticky Session

Provide session persistence service, which creates an affinity between a client and a specific network server for the duration of a session.


Status Monitoring

Provide rich data to help customers keep track of the real-time operation status of the load balancer.

Management Options

Provide a variety of management options such as console, API and SDK.

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SSL Certificate Management

The service does not require SSL certificates to be uploaded to the back-end cloud servers. The decryption process is performed on the load balancing network instead to reduce the CPU overhead.
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Health Check

Support health check on back-end cloud servers and automatically block cloud servers with abnormal status. The cloud servers will be automatically unblocked they resume normal operation.

Product Advantages

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High Availability

Supports large concurrency and uses full redundancy design without single point failure, with up to 99.99% availability.


Low Cost

Compared to the traditional hardware load balancing, ChinaCache load balancing service reduces cost by 60%, and there is no one-time purchase of all the expensive load balancing equipment.

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High Security

Provide anti-attack capabilities (including CC attacks, SYN flood, and other DDoS attacks) combined with cloud security of ChinaCache.


Flexibility and Efficiency

Support online resources expansion and seamless adjustment of backend configuration, which takes effect immediately.