ChinaCache Object Storage

ChinaCache Object Storage is designed to be integrated with ChinaCache’s CDN network seamlessly and can be conveniently utilized as a content origin in Mainland China. Compatible with Amazon S3 Simple Storage Service, ChinaCache Object Storage offers high performance, high reliability, and high availability.

ChinaCache Object Storage Workflow

object storage direction



File Upload Options


ChinaCache Web Management Console

The Web Management Console provides convenient and easy management to upload, download, and delete content.


S3 Browser Windows Client

ChinaCache Object Storage is compatible with S3 Browser Windows client for Amazon S3, making the configuration effortless.


Amazon S3 REST API

The Object Storage platform offers a standard RESTful API interface, which supports entire object upload with PUT operation (best for small files) and multipart upload with multipart upload API (best for large files).


ChinaCache Pulling Files to Object Storage

To reduce clients' costs associated with data migration, we recommend using the pull method, in which ChinaCache pulls the files on clients’ servers to ChinaCache Object Storage through a list of URLs accessible from the public internet.

ChinaCache Service Guarantee

Data Backup

ChinaCache preserves multiple backup copies in two data centers in China.

Log Services

ChinaCache Object Storage provides history logs for diagnosis and analysis.

Secure Data Transmission

ChinaCache Object Storage supports access authentication mechanism and HTTPS to ensure data security.

Customizable Data Migration

ChinaCache can provide customized data migration services for historical data.