Virtual Private Cloud

ChinaCache Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) helps customers build an isolated network environment that enables customization on network segmentation, IP addresses and routing policies, and achieve multi-layer security protection through cloud firewalls. It supports cloud routers, subnets and NAT gateways. Meanwhile, it also allows customers to connect their private networks and data centers through VPN or dedicated lines and flexibly deploy their hybrid clouds.

Core Features and Services


Layer-2 Logical Isolation

Build 100% isolated, secure network environment on the physical network using the Overlay technology.


Software-Defined Network (SDN)

Provide self-defining IP address range, network segment, programming and managing network on demand, routing table and gateway.


Virtual Firewall

Support flexible access control rules that can satisfy the security isolation specifications and requirements for government and financial users.

cloud management

Hybrid Cloud Architecture

VPC can be connected to a traditional IDC through dedicated lines or VPN to build a hybrid cloud.

management 2

Public Network Entrance and Exit Management

Support NAT gateway and sharing bandwidth between multiple services to reduce bandwidth procurement costs.

Solution Advantages

Complete Network Isolation

Isolated network environments and Layer-2 logical isolation are guaranteed through different VPCs.

Flexible Deployment

The SDN can be configured on demand. Ip address range and routing table are fully customizable.

High Compatibility

Products such as cloud server, cloud hard disk and object storage can be used in the VPC network.