Cybersecurity Landscape in China

Internet security has been increasingly critical worldwide, and in China there is no exception. With a highly developed internet system where essentially everything can be done online, it is especially important for internet companies to protect their web applications from malicious attacks, which can hurt the companies’ brand images and revenue streams.

DDoS attack is the most common type of security attack in China. In 2018, there were on average more than 4,000 instances of large traffic (10Gbps+) DDoS attacks every month, and more than 60% of them were performed by DDoS Botnet, which is capable of initiating large-scale attacks in a short period of time and paralyzing web servers in seconds. In addition to DDoS attacks, application layer attacks, web application attacks, web crawlers attacks can also cause traffic spikes and increased bandwidth costs.

Phishing website is also a security threat on the increase in China. In 2018, the National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team (CNCERT) in China identified approximately 53,000 phishing websites (the article is written in Chinese), a 7.2% increase from the previous year.

The application of 5G technology enables enhanced mobile bandwidth, massive machine communication, ultra-high reliability and low-latency communication. Together with the deployment of IPv6, devices will truly become interconnected, making the IoT network more robust and people’s everyday life more convenient. However, the data and device security have not been effectively addressed, and a large amount of Internet-connected devices can be used by attackers to launch DDoS attacks.

China is also a country with one of the most strict cybersecurity laws and regulations in the world, making the landscape even more complex. You may know that certain websites are blocked in China and all website must have valid ICP licenses (if you are new to the concept of ICP license, click here for more information), but there are also some lesser-known regulations that can impact a company’s business in China.

As an internet service company, we see attacks on our customers’ servers every month. With a security module deeply embedded into our CDN network, we are able to provide comprehensive end-to-end coverage using the latest rules against the most critical security risks, as well as self-configured rules that are designed to protect specific web environment. To establish secure online communication, we install SSL certificates on customers’ websites, and to protect the integrity of our customers’ websites from tampering attempts, we establish rules to control access to the website, all while ensuring the customers are compliant with China’s cybersecurity law.

With seamless protection, easy setup and attack analysis features, the performance, availability and security of the web applications can be optimized and guaranteed. In addition, ChinaCache’s security platform provides customized reports with insights including visualization of the geographic locations, time stamps, IP addresses and target URLs related to the attacks. Start protecting your web application today! Contact us for more details.