Delivering Internet Content to Mainland China without ICP License

When you are considering hosting your website in Mainland China, whether it is self-hosted or through a third-party provider, the first thing to consider is the Internet Content Provider (ICP) license. Issued and governed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), the license is a company’s entry permit to the Internet world in China.

Before 2018, the regulations on the ICP license were relatively loose and it was easier to obtain a license. When Chinese government enforced new regulations on the ICP license starting January 1, 2018, which requires the company applying for the ICP license to have a China business entity and a website with a Chinese domain registrar. The new rules apply not only to new applications submitted after the regulation became effective but also all existing applications filed before the date. The MIIT began to look into past ICP license applications, and anything that was not compliant with the new rules got revoked. Hosting providers, including ChinaCache, are strictly forbidden to serve a client’s website from within China until an official ICP license has been obtained.

We understand that not all companies may be eligible for, or are simply not ready to get ICP licenses at the moment, and to continue serving their traffic to Chinese audience, we have built a RIM solution that caches and delivers content from servers sitting in Hong Kong and Taiwan, just outside of the Great Firewall.

ChinaCache’s RIM delivery solution is flexible and scalable which instantly improves websites’ loading time for Chinese users. When your business is ready to expand into Mainland China, we have a team of bilingual professions who can assist and guide you through the ICP filing process. Once you receive the ICP License, the service will be seamlessly migrated from the RIM to our extensive network inside Mainland China.

For customized solutions regarding serving content to China without an ICP license, please contact us.

Our RIM CDN delivery product sheet is available for download here.