Entering the Fast Track of 5G with Edge Computing

“The reason why companies are rushing to deploy 5G is that the technology allows for more bandwidth, lower latencies and higher reliability,” said Wei Zhang, VP at ChinaCache in a recent interview. In the upcoming years, a massive number of devices will be connected to the 5G network due to the rapid development of Internet of Things and Smart Cities, and many of them require network latencies down to the milliseconds. With edge computing services based on the Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) technology, business applications traditionally deployed on the internet and remote cloud computing service centers can be migrated to the edge of wireless network, effectively reducing network end-to-end latencies and improving service quality.

With the advancement of the 5G network, edge computing applications will enter a high-speed development era. Currently, all CDN providers’ edge nodes are deployed on Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) and still not close enough to end users, which will cause a bottleneck on traditional CDN network. Comparing to CDN nodes, MEC nodes are positioned closer to end users and are designed with basic computing capabilities. It is especially crucial to have intelligent deployment and data processing capabilities at the edge as more applications will require lower latencies. In Wei Zhang’s opinion, CDN and MEC need to be integrated together to handle the challenges brought by continuous technology upgrade.

At the edge network, ChinaCache has an impeccable performance on back-to-origin, resource deployment, back-end upgrade, resource efficiency and compatibility. In order to improve service performance, ChinaCache has made efforts to improve performance on multiple layers. On the control layer, ChinaCache has adopted intelligent DNS, popular nodes and cold nodes strategies; on the application layer, ChinaCache developed an application structure specifically designed for Internet of Things applications. In addition, by using the Docker platform, ChinaCache is able to deploy resources more efficiently.

For next steps, ChinaCache plans to create an online, on-demand, and flexible edge protection platform on the application layer close to customer origins. It can effectively perform traffic scrubbing and block attacks on the application layer, protecting customer data from security risks. To find out more about ChinaCache security solution, click here.