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There are many rules and regulations put in place by the Chinese government when it comes to serving content in China. These laws are constantly in flux, which creates a challenge for companies around the world that want to access the China market. Below is a comprehensive explanation of these requirements and how ChinaCache can help secure your company's ICP Bei'An.

ICP Bei'An

According to a 2016 study commissioned by McKinsey & Company, 76 percent of China’s urban population, predicted to be in excess of 550 million people, will be considered “middle class” by 2022. The tremendous growth opportunity within the Chinese middle class has become a true focal point for most global businesses today. Yet accessing this market through its 700 million internet users has proven to be an even greater challenge for foreign companies due to complex Chinese government regulations and Internet infrastructure roadblocks. ChinaCache specializes in assisting global companies reach this Market with our technical and government compliance expertise. 

The most effective option to reach this market is to host your content in China to be closest to your potential customers. Hosting in China requires an Internet Content Provider (ICP) filing also called “Bei-An” which is required by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) agency. The Chinese Government regulates and monitors every aspect of the Internet, including content, storage, and delivery. Hosting providers, including ChinaCache, are strictly forbidden to activate a client’s website in China until an official ICP filing or license has been obtained.

It is not necessary to move all hosting to China. A customer can host a single sub-domain ( must be the www for example: or - as a placeholder site with minimal webpage elements) in China for purpose of the ICP application. Since an ICP is granted for a domain, this will cover the Top Level Domain and other sub domains can be used with China CDN.

Sites with an ICP Filing (Bei-An) are able to use the popular mobile payment apps such as Alipay and WeChat Pay. We don’t see this changing since the more payments move to electronic/cashless platforms the more data the Chinese government is able to collect and analyze.

ChinaCache was established 1998 and MIIT introduced ICP regulations in 2000. We have a long history assisting clients with ICP, navigating the constant changes and challenges to successfully get customer content hosted and accelerated to the huge Chinese market place.

Once you’ve made the decision that your content must be hosted in China, let’s take a look at what’s required today.

2018 New Rules and Stricter Enforcement: Domain Names & Chinese Entity

On November 27, 2017, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (“MIIT”) issued new regulations regarding domain names for internet content services. The new rules take effect starting January 1, 2018 and impact any new ICP applications and potentially existing ICP holders who are not in accordance with the updated regulations. 

Internet content providers in China, are required to register the domain name under the real name of the business entity itself (including its shareholders), and the primary executive in charge or senior management of the business entity. Additionally, the hosting or CDN provider, e.g ChinaCache, is required to validate the customer information before providing any hosting or CDN services.


Secondly, the domain registration system must match with MIIT’s ICP/IP/Domain Name Information Management Platform (Bei'An Platform). Services will only be provided if the registered name of the domain is matched what is on the Bei'An Platform. 

Based on extensive review of the new regulations it is strongly recommended that any foreign company wanting to deliver content or host any application in China to:

  1. Have a business entity registered in China;
  2. Have your domains registered through qualified Chinese domain registrar, under the Chinese business entity;
  3. Obtain the ICP Bei'An (recordal) for the domains

 The risks of not complying with the new regulation may be:

  1. Not able to use CDN or hosting service in China
  2. Domains being blocked by MIIT (unable to access web pages in China)

Setting up a Chinese entity is the surest way to reduce the risk on your path to website stability & performance in China. Once the entity is set up, ChinaCache can help our clients to manage the domain and ICP Bei'An registration process. Learn more about different options to register a presence in China, please go to the Types of Chinese Entity page.  


How can we help?

With more than 15 years of experience in helping foreign companies successfully secure ICP licenses, our diligent ICP team is here to help every step of the way, from preparing documents to submitting applications to MIIT, to ensure your company gets ICP license as fast as possible. If you have any concerns or special requirements, don't hesitate to contact us and we will work something out for you. 


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ICP Bei'An Application Process


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Provide us with the full application package:
ICP Bei’An Application
Contact info of a representative from your company's Chinese entity
Copy of the Chinese entity's business license
Domain Certificate or WHOIS information


We submit your application to MIIT.


Receive your license in about 20 business days.

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