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Increase Revenues, Not Queues

Data shows a 38% increase in page abandonment after a two-second delay, and 33% of shoppers go to a competitor's site after a poor online experience.

Eliminating slow-loading webpages and delayed transactions not only drives sales and clickthrough rates, but also maintains brand image and consumer satisfaction. Faster load speeds and smooth delivery of both your static and dynamic content ensure optimal consumer experience. ChinaCache's domestic expertise also guarantees your website is in constant compliance with China's e-commerce regulatory requirements.

Stop page abandonment and increase your China e-commerce revenue today with ChinaCache!

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What ChinaCache can do for you

Increase Sales

While people often think first of Beijing and Shanghai when marketing into China, Tier 2 cities like Wuhan often boast populations over 10 million as well. Using ChinaCache's network allows you to reach every corner of China, ensuring you don't pigeonhole your China market.

Maintain Brand Image

Chinese consumers expect sites to load in under 5 seconds. Without a CDN, the average EU site takes over 25 seconds. Make sure you hit this benchmark throughout China by utilizing ChinaCache. Don't let a slow site harm your brand and drive customers to competitors. 

Reliable Delivery

With a 24x7 English-speaking support center and 1000+ local engineers, ChinaCache works around the clock to ensure your needs are met. We guarantee 100% in-country delivery so that you can rest easy knowing that your content is being delivered by the largest CDN in China. 

E-Commerce Clients Success Stories


"ChinaCache allows me to sleep well at night knowing that our user experience in China is optimized to give the Chinese consumer the experience we want them to have with Bomoda."

- Brian Buchwald, CEO


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