Eliminate lag with ChinaCache's robust, unparalleled in-country network.

From PC to Mobile

Googling "server status" yields a first page of almost entirely gaming-related results. The amazing growth of this $100B+ industry includes the world's largest gaming population residing in China. As "frame-rate", "ping", and "server" become hot button terms among the gaming community, competition to provide optimum gaming experiences has ramped up as well. Extreme sensitivity to even milliseconds of delay can have hugely detrimental effects. ChinaCache's fully customizable hosting solutions allow developers to swiftly deploy on global data servers.

Whether it's crushing candies or getting that pentakill, ChinaCache has the solution to help your game succeed in the Chinese market.

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What ChinaCache can do for you

Reduce Latency

Reliable interconnectivity in China is impossible without local vendors. ChinaCache has strong relationships with most of the known Internet Service Providers throughout China, ensuring smooth delivery no matter where your gamers may be. Let us handle the legwork for you.

More Downloads

With ChinaCache's 500+ in-country PoPs and two decades of expertise, you don't need to worry about missing out on any part of China. Our download acceleration services help to make sure your game is available for the entire China market to download and start playing.


Reliable Delivery

With 24x7 English-speaking support and 1000+ local engineers, ChinaCache works around the clock to ensure your needs are met. We guarantee 100% in-country delivery so that you can rest easy knowing that your content is being delivered by the largest CDN in China. 




Gaming Clients Success Stories

"With ChinaCache, we present a better service allowing us to gain users while our competitors are busy fixing network problems."

- Jason Deng, CTO at BoGou

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