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ChinaCache's dedicated lines minimize buffering.

Capturing the Chinese Audience

With companies like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, digital media on the webosphere continues to dominate the future. High-quality online video is no longer a premium, but rather the standard as buffering and pixelation are surefire ways to turn off consumers. Traditional web hosting, especially in China, simply will not do. Whether it be on-demand video or live streaming events, ChinaCache has the solutions to ensure viewers enjoy the best viewing experience possible.

Whatever your necessities may be, ChinaCache will work to accommodate your bandwidth requirements. Let ChinaCache streamline your media and entertainment needs.


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What ChinaCache can do for you

Smooth Video Streaming

With dedicated lines throughout China, ChinaCache's network allows you to bypass congestion points and deliver your video, whether it be VOD or live streaming. Don't let buffering and lag cause your audience in China to tune out.

Live Monitoring

ChinaCache's VOD services include network diagnostic utilities that help to quickly identify any misconfigurations or network instabilities. Our geographically dispersed, load balanced, Border Gateway Protocol enabled, multi-tiered server cluster provides the best VOD service possible. 

Reliable Delivery

With 24x7 English-speaking support and 1000+ local engineers, ChinaCache works around the clock to ensure your needs are met. We guarantee 100% in-country delivery so that you can rest easy knowing that your content is being delivered by the largest CDN in China. 




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ChinaCache uses its own backbone to connect to all local ISPs and enable peering, eliminating bottlenecks and dramatically improving performance.


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