Meanwhile in China: Weekly News Roundup [8/21-8/25]

  • In China, you can rent umbrellas, basketballs, and even washers

    Following the wave of bike-sharing, the sharing economy has become Chinese entrepreneurs’ go-to model for starting new businesses. Now there are companies that let customers rent and share things beyond thought: umbrellas, power banks, and even gym equipment.

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Source: The Washington Post



  • China’s mobile data usage more than doubled in H1 2017

    Chinese consumers are spending more time on their mobile phones. From January to June 2017, over 8.89 billion GB of mobile data were used, 136.8% higher than in the first half of 2016.

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Source: China Internet Watch



  • China reintroduces the world’s fastest bullets trains

    Yang Baosen/AP

    After being put on hold for six years, China is relaunching its high-speed railroad service in a few major cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin. The new bullet trains “Rejuvenation” will travel at 217 mph, significantly cutting current travel times.

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Source: NPR



  • Chinese startup VIPKid pairs young Mandarin learners worldwide with instructors in China

    Backed by prominent investors including Bryant Stibel, a venture capital firm co-founded by former NBA star player Kobe Bryant, the Chinese startup VIPKid aims to offer kids 5-12 years old one-to-one Mandarin classes online on demand.

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Source: Fortune