Multinet Pakistan and ChinaCache form Strategic Alliance for Content Delivery in Pakistan

Multinet Pakistan (Private) Limited, the trusted infrastructure, data and voice service providers in Pakistan, and ChinaCache, the leading total solutions provider of internet content and application delivery services for two decades in China, today announced a strategic alliance to create an efficient content delivery network in Pakistan.

Multinet Pakistan and ChinaCache will work together to build the largest CDN with multiple nodes in Pakistan, one of the fastest growing markets in the world. Capitalizing on Multinet’s reliable nationwide coverage and terrestrial extensions, ChinaCache will focus on accelerating Internet content and ensuring data transmission security for Pakistani and global enterprises.

As the two companies are building up the capability to jointly manage the CDN network in Pakistan, their commendable sales force is gearing up to market the CDN services to their diversified portfolio of enterprise, government, media and telecom carrier customers. Seeing a tremendous market potential, Multinet Pakistan and ChinaCache are confident to receive positive response s to the initiative.

“The timing of this alliance is critical as we are about to see an enormous growth in Pakistan’s Telecom market very soon. With the 3G/4G networks evolving rapidly, the broadband subscription growing by leaps and bounds, an unprecedented proliferation of smart devices in the market, and internet usage demanding high-quality content, our CDN network will be just the right step to offer end customers with an ultimate surfing experience. The time-to-market for CDN services in Pakistan is crucial as the first mover’s advantage achieved by the alliance with ChinaCache will be hard to compete with,” said Mr. Muhammad Rashid Shafi, the Chief Strategy Officer and Senior Executive Vice President of Multinet Pakistan.

The demand for caching-as-a-service in Pakistan is expected to grow in the next few years. ChinaCache, with its robust CDN technology and strong service platform, enables Multinet Pakistan to offer this type of service to its carrier partners in Pakistan and neighboring countries, optimizing their capacity utilization and IP sourcing expenses.

“We are delighted to form this strategic alliance with Multinet and help with building a nationwide CDN platform in Pakistan,” said Mr. Song Wang, Founder, Chairman and CEO of ChinaCache. “Internet is playing an ever more important role in people’s life, and CDN will greatly enhance end users’ online experience. We look forward to contributing our industry-leading technologies and substantial experience to meet the growing demand of Internet users accessing online contents.”

ChinaCache and Multinet Pakistan will showcase CDN services in upcoming global telecom events to demonstrate the concept, its importance to end customer’s experience, and the benefits it brings to the service providers.

About Multinet Pakistan

Multinet Pakistan, a leader in domestic and international data & voice services provides reliable connectivity solutions on its highly scalable, multi-layered and self-healing optical fiber network in over 120 cities of Pakistan and neighboring countries. Multinet holds the competitive edge to cater to the unique connectivity requirements of its patrons and partners alike through its expanded footprint of international PoPs and terrestrial network extensions into neighboring countries. Multinet’s comprehensive solutions portfolio, incredible enterprise market share, a team of highly skilled telecom professionals and exemplary support services make it the Trusted Infostructure Partner in the Region

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About ChinaCache

ChinaCache International Holdings Ltd. (Nasdaq:CCIH) is the leading total solutions provider of Internet content and application delivery services in China. As a carrier-neutral service provider, ChinaCache’s network in China is interconnected with networks operated by all telecom carriers, major non-carriers and local Internet service providers. With more than two decades of experience in developing solutions tailored to China’s complex Internet infrastructure, ChinaCache is a partner of choice for businesses, government agencies and other enterprises to enhance the reliability and scalability of online services and applications as well as improve end-user experience. For more information on ChinaCache, please visit