Overview of the ChinaCache Atecsys Data Center

The development of cloud computing technologies, the innovations in mobile interconnection, and the advancement in big data technologies have been important driving forces in the IDC market development. The China IDC market has reached $13.6 billion in 2017, a 32.4% increase comparing to the year before. It is also the third consecutive year that the growth rate has slowed down.

China’s IDC market development is transitioning into a mature stage from the high-speed expansion stage. IDC solution shoppers have more specific requirements and can accurately assess actual needs than before, and IDC providers are maintaining steady expansion at a healthy rate. This indicates that the China IDC market has become more specialized, regulated and compliant.

In 2013, ChinaCache embarked on constructing the Atecsys data center located in Beijing Tianzhu Free Trade Zone and adjacent to major business districts as well as freeways. Sitting on ChinaCache’s privately owned land, the data center campus provides 80,000+ square meter (860,000+ square feet) of data center space that fits approximately 15,000 server rack cabinets. With nine server buildings and a dedicated building for CHN-IX, a carrier-neutral Internet Exchange Center, Atecsys is Tier III Design Certified by Uptime Institute, a standard used to evaluate data center facilities in terms of potential site infrastructure performance.

Five years since its opening, ChinaCache Atecsys Data Center has been growing rapidly and providing customized data center products to companies all sizes. To manage such a large scale data center campus, we adopted several innovative technologies to increase operational efficiency.

Power sources

The power used on the data center campus is supplied from two power stations 2.6 miles away from each other to ensure redundancy in case of emergency shutdown of either power plant. To build the dual-line power system, ChinaCache built an underground tunnel to connect the farther power plant.

Other than using outside power sources, Atecsys Data Center is also equipped with a diesel power generation system that can provide stable power output for the entire campus within one minute of starting the generators. The amount of reserved diesel can power the entire campus to operate at full capacity for 12 hours consecutively.


Diesel generators




The cooling system

The traditional air cooling was replaced by a water cooling system that not only improves the Power Usage Effectiveness but also is eco-friendly.

The security protocols

In addition to security cameras covering every corner of the data center and a 24/7 ECC monitoring center, there is a multi-level checkpoint system to ensure that only authorized ones will have access to the data center. In case of a security breach, onsite guards will be notified immediately through flashing lights and emergency alarm.

With one of the largest Content Delivery Network in Mainland China, a wide range of data center offerings and the Internet Exchange Center services, ChinaCache has built a unique ecosystem that will improve network efficiency while reducing costs for clients. We love helping companies succeed in the China market, so drop us a line if you don’t want to miss out the 800 million opportunities.