Security Protection Becomes the Standard for CDN Services

According to the cyber-attack state in the first half of the year in China and our own experience in protecting clients’ online assets, the majority of the attacks in the future will be application-layer attacks. As information technology develops at lightning speed, cyber-attacks and defense will move toward the following trends:

Application-layer attacks will become more often

It is relatively easier to administer application-layer attacks as it does not require the attackers to be knowledgeable in server systems, protocols, database and programming languages. In addition, the application-layer contains users’ data and thus is becoming the main target for attackers.

AI-based attacks are increasing

Taking advantage of the development in deep learning in recent years, the attacks have evolved as well. According to a cloud security report published by Tencent, attackers have been utilizing cloud GPU to train malicious models to perform attacks.

Websites with private personal information are favorable targets to attackers

Private personal information is the most popular data category in the dark web, followed by financial data, paid lessons and social media account information. These data are abundant on the internet and profitable to the attackers.

AI technologies are being used in developing defense mechanisms

Intelligent Web Application Firewall (WAF) combines deep learning technology and modeling technology to automatically identify changing attack techniques and tools, and dynamically adjust protection strategies in real-time to increase the reliability of defense. Attacks and defenses will become a battle of AI technologies.

Security integrated edge computing nodes

With the implementation of 5G technologies, edge computing is on the rise, using edge nodes to process dynamic access requests. The change puts edge nodes at the forefront of cybersecurity.

Content Delivery Network will continue to be critical infrastructure for the future development of the internet, carrying a massive amount of data, accelerating the implementation of edge network and promoting the cloud transformation of IT infrastructure. As more CDN requests will be processed at the edge, strengthening the security capabilities at the edge network has become imperative. With security features embedded in ChinaCache’s CDN network and top-notch security measures on our edge nodes, we have protected our clients from thousands of millions of attacks. If you are interested in learning more, drop us line here.