Content Delivery Network(CDN)

Atecsys Data Center

Largest carrier-neutral data center in Beijing
Easy access from Beijing Capital Airport
Premium BGP routes to all major ISPs
Located in the Tianzhu Free-Trade Zone

CHN-IX Internet Exchange

CHN-IX is the very first Internet Exchange in China. It helps ISPs and ICPs share traffic and reduces costs. Peer with us at the Atecsys data center campus in Beijing, China. 

ChinaCache, founded in 1998, is the first nationally-licensed CDN provider in China. And our business has evolved from addressing the need for a large, distributed CDN to improving the overarching physical network of the internet in China.

ChinaCache is building a three-layer internet ecosystem:

Atecsys Data Center: 

A collection of state of the art data center campuses located throughout China, which is linked by ChinaCache's private backbone network.

CHN-IX Internet Exchange: 

A dedicated building located at each of our Data Center campuses serves as a meet-me-room for ISPs and Internet Content Providers to share internet traffic, reducing costs, latency, and bandwidth.

ChinaCache Content Delivery Network:

A network of 15,000+ servers and 500+ PoPs in 150+ Cities connected to CHN-IX and ChinaCache's private backbone, intelligently routing China's internet traffic to avoid congestion and downtime.

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