Atecsys Data Center


ChinaCache Atecsys Data Center is Tier-III certified and the largest carrier-neutral data center in Beijing. Located in the Beijing Tianzhu Free Trade Zone in the Shunyi District, it is in close proximity to the Beijing Airport as well as convenient transportation to the center of the city.


In 2013, ChinaCache embarked on constructing an eco-friendly data center with low carbon footprint. In 2016, the first of the ten planned buildings with more than 3,000 rack spaces per building was open to businesses. As the "fore-founder" of the CDN industry in China and having 19+ years of experience operating and managing IDC's all across China, ChinaCache has leveraged its experience to build a comprehensive Internet ecosystem that is pushing boundaries of the Internet landscape in China.

Atecsys Data Center Products

  • Entire cabinet rental available.
  • Standard power option from 10A-30A.
  • 47U server rack with dual-power supply.
  • Colocation service available. Customers can bring their own equipment.
  • 1.5~2.2KW power access per square meter.
  • VIP private cages and module server rooms available. Each module ranges from 100-400 square meter.
  • Entire building lease is available for large enterprise clients.
  • Data center space construction can be customized based on clients' requirements.
  • Dual-line, quadruple-line, and multi-line bandwidth products with redundancy.
  • High-capacity optical fiber and private lines.
  • Interconnection service between server rooms.
  • DDoS protection
  • Attack monitoring, vulnerability scan, and traffic monitoring
  • Intelligent analytics and reverse analytics
  • Virtual Private Network
  • International private lines

Building Specifications & Structure


  • National Class A Data Center
  • Carrier-neutral
  • International TIA-942 Grade TIII+
  • 15,000+ Cabinets
  • International-standard municipal facilities
  • 9 Data Center Buildings with individual land grants
  • 1 building for CHN-IX Internet Exchange
  • Premium BGP connectivity to all major ISPs
  • Structure-independent building with 1 story underground, 5 stories on the ground.
  • Server room height: 18 feet
  • Seismic fortification intensity: 8 degree
  • Fire resistance rating: first grade
  • Elevator: passenger and cargo elevators are separated; the cargo elevator has a maximum capacity of up to 3 tons of weight
atecsys data center

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