Content Delivery Network

ChinaCache has 20 years of experience delivering content to the Chinese population. With this experience, we bring our clients industry best practices and optimal routing to navigate the complex Internet landscape in China.


ChinaCache CDN is built specifically for China's special Internet environment.

Webpages with Static or Dynamic content

Software updates or file downloads

ChinaCache Content Delivery Network (CDN) delivers your website, software downloads, and more. The Great Firewall slows down all traffic coming into China. ChinaCache's resources are strategically located in-country throughout China, helping you avoid congestion at the filter points. (Your content still has to comply with Chinese regulation!)

web acceleration content delivery network

Web Acceleration

Web Applications

ERP/CRM/Other Office Applications

Do you operate a web or mobile application? Applications require an open connection to communicate with your origin server. ChinaCache's private backbone network bypasses the public internet to grab content from your origin without congestion.

application acceleration content delivery network

Application Acceleration

Video on Demand

Live Streaming

Delivering smooth and high-quality video streaming into and out of China is particularly difficult due to limited capacity and reliable international connectivity. ChinaCache's media acceleration is specifically tailored to enhance the delivery of live streams and VOD in the difficult environment that is China.

media acceleration content delivery network

Media Acceleration

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