CHN-IX Internet Exchange

CHN-IX is a carrier-neutral Internet Exchange that provides high quality IP-peering and interconnectivity services. By connecting to these platforms, the exchange of traffic with other internet related parties becomes less complex and the associated costs reduced. ChinaCache's CHN-IX is the first of its kind in China.

About CHN-IX

CHN-IX is a carrier-neutral Internet Exchange (IX) that provides high-quality IP peering and interconnectivity services for Internet Content Providers (ICPs) and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). By connecting to the CHN-IX, the exchange of traffic between various ICPs and ISPs become less complex, the associated cost will be reduced, and end-user experience will be significantly improved.

As the first carrier-neutral IX in Mainland China, CHN-IX is backed with technical support from AMS-IX, one of the biggest IX centers around the world located in Amsterdam, Denmark. With its abundant experience and global perspective, AMS-IX brings an advanced business model to China, making China's Internet ecosystem even more robust.

IX chart 2

CHNIX-CX High-Speed Network Line

CHNIX-CX high-speed network line is a peering solution between data centers and public clouds based on SDN technologies. It provides on-demand self service to establish virtual connections between multiple cities and different cloud service providers for enterprise clients, attaining convenient, secure and efficient connection between enterprise private network and cloud service providers' network, thus improving business deployment flexibility.

Service Types

ISPs connect with other peers using physical connections, optimizing the cost when sending traffic to many different networks.

A direct, exclusive peering is established between two networks, in which both parties negotiate resources and price on their own.

CHN-IX supports remote peering, which does not require companies to host content locally thus reducing overall cost.

The IX platform uses proxy AS agent to achieve BGP interconnection for small ISPs who do not have Autonomous System Numbers.



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