Application Acceleration

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Do you operate a web or mobile application? Applications require an open connection to communicate with your origin server. ChinaCache Application Acceleration helps you to grab content from your origin without congestion. 

Enhance user APP experience

Let users in China experience your application exactly how you intended

Don't let the Great Firewall of China and poor public internet connectivity slow down your web or mobile applications in China. ChinaCache's private backbone network bypasses the public internet to grab content from your origin without congestion.

ChinaCache's application acceleration enables near-optimal performance for TCP based connections

ChinaCache optimizes the TCP connection route to accelerate real-time data transfer that applications demand.

Maintain PCI and HIPAA compliance

Since application acceleration optimizes the delivery of TCP payload without inspecting underlying data, it is highly secure and ideally suited for proprietary client-server applications such as banking, health care, and fin-tech applications.

See the difference with a third-party testing tool

Don't just take our word for it. We use several third-party testing tools to prove that we are faster. 

Learn about our Dynamic Content Acceleration product, used for sites with dynamic assets.

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