Media Acceleration

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Delivering smooth and high-quality video streaming into and out of China is particularly difficult due to limited capacity and reliable international connectivity. ChinaCache's media acceleration is specifically tailored to enhance the delivery of live streams and (Video on Demand) VOD in China's difficult Internet environment.

As consumers consistently embrace the convenience and freedom of over-the-top (OTT) streaming and video-on-demand (VOD) services, their expectations evolve constantly. ChinaCache’s streaming platform is designed to ingest and accelerate both Live Streaming and VOD content over multiple streaming formats. With advanced streaming engines for encoding, transcoding, and optimized routing, ChinaCache provides one-stop streaming services, enabling you to focus on creating content and rely on ChinaCache to deliver a superior streaming experience to end-users in China, Asia, and beyond.

Prevent constant video buffering

Video delivery is resource intensive and performance sensitive

ChinaCache's massive capacity ensures high definition streaming of video content into and out of China.

ChinaCache optimizes VOD files size, and delivers on networks which can handle different file sizes

ChinaCache separates and optimizes routing depending on your VOD size. Large MP4 and other video files do not have to compete with smaller video files to reach your end users.

Enhanced Live Streaming by ChinaCache's private backbone network

Out-of-China origins will bypass China's five international landing points through our private lines, which are dedicated to solely delivering live-broadcasts and streams. ChinaCache’s Media Acceleration enhances the performance of media delivered over the Internet to create more engaging experiences for online audiences.

ChinaCache supports all modern streaming formats

HLS, MPEG-Dash, RTMP, Silverlight, Apple Quicktime, Android MP4, IPTV, and more!

See the difference with a third-party testing tool

Don't just take our word for it; we use several third-party testing tools to prove we are faster.

Learn about how our live stream delivery platform can help you bring your live content into China

Learn about how our Video on Demand delivery platform can help you bring your video content into China


Instant Playback

By analyzing group-of-picture (GOP) caching status, ChinaCache lowers the latency between the beginning of the video playback and the actual viewing of the first frame, achieving the instant playback without first frame buffering.


Multi-format Transcoding 

ChinaCache’s streaming platform supports all common streaming protocols, including HLS, HDS, MPEG-DASH, and specific live streaming formats such as RTMP, HTTP-FLV, and HTTP-TS.

Adaptive Bitrate

ChinaCache’s video streaming platform can detect an end user’s bandwidth and intelligently adjust the video bitrate to accommodate their fluctuating network conditions and deliver a seamless video streaming experience.



ChinaCache provides customized watermarks in the form of static pictures, dynamic pictures, and multi-language text so that you can better identify the copyright attribution of the video to protect the authenticity of your content.



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