Mobile Acceleration


China's internet growth has been in conjunction with the rise of smart phones. Of more than 731 million Internet users in China, many are mobile-only users. ChinaCache Mobile Acceleration works with mobile carriers to enhance last-mile delivery, and reduce broken connections between radio towers and mobile phones.

Overcome mobile delays

70% of the delay in mobile performance occurs between the cell phone tower and mobile device

ChinaCache has partnered with PacketZoom to leverage their last-mile packet optimization and acceleration technology. We are providing a better mobile experience to millions of Chinese users.

ChinaCache works with mobile ISPs all across China to optimize network routing and performance

With years of on-the-ground experience in China, ChinaCache is tackling network issues at the source. By working directly with ISPs, we can optimize mobile content delivery in a way other providers cannot.

Content-aware platform for optimal mobile performance

Our platform automatically detects which of your end users are on mobile devices, and immediately optimizes your content for mobile consumption. As a result, we save bandwidth and provide a better experience for all users.

Coverage in all 31 provinces in China

ChinaCache has service coverage in all 31 provinces in China. Trust us to deliver to the far corners of China to which other providers have little to no experience delivering.

See the difference with a third-party testing tool

Don't just take our word for it; we use several third-party testing tools to prove we are faster.

Learn about how ChinaCache and PacketZoom's partnership is helping millions of users in China enjoy better mobile experiences

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