Webpage Acceleration

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The Great Firewall of China slows down all traffic coming into China. ChinaCache's resources are located inside China, helping you avoid congestion at the filter points. 

Reach your audience

Cache your content on ChinaCache's extensive edge network, closer to your end user

We accelerate both static and dynamic content faster than other providers. ChinaCache is 15x larger in both capacity and reach compared to all other global CDNs in China combined.

Enable nationwide access to your website in China

ChinaCache is the most trusted choice in China. Even China's government uses ChinaCache to ensure access to agency portals throughout all of China. 

Bring your content into China at scale

ChinaCache's robust, multi-tiered network has been optimized for the Chinese internet, ensuring low-latency access to your data all across China. 

Better user experience equals better conversion rates

If your website is hosted outside of China, 30 second load times and time-outs are commonplace. Therefore, don't let poor loading times affect your bottom line!

See the difference with a third-party testing tool

Don't just take our word for it; Because we also use several third-party testing tools to prove we are faster. 

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Static Content Acceleration

Enterprise Basic Page Acceleration (EBPA) is our Static content caching product. It temporarily stores copies of requested static objects from the origin server to other servers in order to offload traffic from the origin, reduce bandwidth costs, and increase the speed and efficiency with which the requested content is delivered to the end-user.

Interactive Content Acceleration

Enterprise Intelligent Page Acceleration (EIPA) is our Interactive Content Acceleration (ICA) product. It is designed to optimize whole-site performance by accelerating dynamic content back to the customer’s origin while serving static content from local edge servers. Websites today are delivering a wide array of content in real-time, generating a substantial need for adaptable acceleration. EIPA is built to intelligently detect the health status between the end-user and the content source and choosing the best route to deliver the content.

Dynamic Content Acceleration

Enterprise Application Acceleration (EAA) is our Dynamic Content Acceleration product. It enables near-optimal performance over long-distance TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) based connections without storing or caching any information at any point throughout the content delivery network. As EAA only relays TCP payloads, without modifying or inspecting the underlying data, it is highly secure and thus ideally suited for proprietary client-server, secure banking, healthcare, and other dynamic application service types.