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Faster booking with ChinaCache's dynamic content acceleration

Less time booking, more time traveling

Tourism in China is a booming industry projected to reach $1 trillion by 2020. As travelers hunt for the best deals, nothing is worse than a slow-loading website or crashing checkout portal. Just a few seconds of unavailability leads to thousands in lost revenue. 

Don't let downtime keep your revenue grounded. Take off with ChinaCache's solution packages today to speed up travel booking experience!


What ChinaCache can do for you

Bypass Congestion

Mainland China has a limited number of Internet entry/exit points, slowing down web traffic. ChinaCache uses dedicated lines to help websites bypass congestion, ensuring fast load times as customers browse your latest deals and check up-to-date prices.


Efficient Routing

With ChinaCache's 500+ in-country PoPs and two decades of expertise, you don't need to worry about missing out on any part of China. Our top-of-the-line network infrastructure within China ensures that your content is getting where it needs to go. 


Reliable Delivery

With 24x7 English-speaking support and 1000+ local engineers, ChinaCache works around the clock to ensure your needs are met. We guarantee 100% in-country delivery so that you can rest easy knowing that your content is being delivered by the largest CDN in China. 




Travel and Tourism Clients Success Stories


Skyscanner has been able to meet the content standards of government regulators, with the help of ChinaCache, as well as the performance standards of its customers.

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