Weekly News Roundup: Week of 9/16

World Computer Congress Highlights AI and 5G Technologies

The 2019 World Computer Congress was held from September 10-11 in Changsha, the capital city of central China’s Hunan Province, highlighting artificial intelligence (AI) and other latest technologies. Experts and company representatives worldwide gathered at the event to exchange views on the future trend of computer technologies and industries.

Some of the latest technologies utilizing AI and 5G technologies were demonstrated at the Congress. An attendee who is an English teacher in Fuzhou, a coastal city in Eastern China, introduced how she was able to give live lessons to students living more than 500 miles away through high-speed 5G connection.

Chinese Internet Population Visualized

Source: Abacus News

It can be difficult to understand the Chinese internet population not only because of the sheer number of users but also how fast the internet landscape changes in China. The China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) recently published its 44th edition of Statistical Report on Internet Development in China, and with the data, Abacus News visualized Chinese internet users, commonly referred as Wangmin or netizens in China. A typical day would start with netizens scrolling down newsfeeds during their commute to work. At lunch and dinner time, they would open food delivery apps and spend time on Douyin, Taobao, or Weibo while munching on takeout. Almost half of the internet population are in their 20s and 30s, and more than 70% of the Chinese netizens live in urban areas.

China Will Hold the 6th World Internet Conference in October

With the theme of “Smart, connectivity, openness and cooperation: jointly build a community of shared future in cyberspace,” the 6th annual World Internet Conference will be held at Wuzhen in Zhejiang province. Previously attended by some of the world’s most influential people, including CEOs of global companies, leaders of foreign countries, members of the Internet Hall of Fame and Nobel Prize winner, the conference focuses on science and technology, industries and economy, humanity and society, and cooperation and governance, divided into 20 sub-forums.